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THE DENTAL HUB - specialized dentistry..personalized care...! (A SILVERLINE DENT & CARE SOLUTIONS INITIATIVE)

"Silverline & The Dental Hub has a team that is extremely friendly, professional and attentive. The surgery is the state of the art , extremely impressive , clean and modern. I had a great experience as they really looked after me and my pearly whites- I was picked up at Mumbai International Airport to the minute I was taking a return flight back to London! I highly recommend Dr. Sagar and his team for delighting and wowing me with their Excellent Customer service, Dental Expertise and Seamless Aftercare during my 2 week stay in Mumbai to my friends, family and work colleagues!"

Mr. S. Trafford, Divisional Director, Currie & Brown, UK.

"Silverline Dent & care is the place that is the one stop solution for all dental needs. From coordinating the flight schedules, accommodation and local travel to providing excellent dental treatment at affordable costs, it has been a great experience. Its highly economical, well maintained and fully modernized.. thank you to the team for making it a pleasant experience."

Dr. Andrea, Health care provider, Zlin, Czech Republic.

"Team of expert doctors, amazing services from arriving at the Mumbai airport to departing from the Mumbai airport, superior staff, beautiful premises are the cornerstones of Dr. Sagar Abichandani’s practice. Add to that the personalized care for local travel and choice of cuisines, convenient location, convenient office hours, make it a truly great experience. From pre treatment communication and detailed analysis to regular follow up every 6 months after the treatment exemplifies the work silverline dent & care are doing . truly out of the world affection and care."

Ms. Bentell, Senior manager, The Dow chemical Company, Middlesex, UK.

"About the dental hub, I was told by one of my colleague working in Mumbai, India. I followed up with them and was thrilled with the professionalism in the way things are streamlined and conducted. A team of high class doctors, ambience, equipments – everything flawless. Once I followed the treatment, I was very impressed with the courteous staff and assistants making you feel at home with hospitality. Treatment was upto the mark and comfort I share with the doctors is beyond words. I definitely recommend the dental hub to all my friends wanting dental work."

Mrs. Ionna, Snr. Research Engineer, Abott Laboratories, North Chicago, Illinois.

"The Dental Hub Silverline is now an extended family in india. The biggest turn on was the impeccable time scheduling from start to end of the treatment, keeping the timely appointments, no waiting time, managing local tour and travel, excellent accommodation facilties – a memorable visit to Mumbai courtesy the dental hub. I have spent long days at the dental hub and every day was a pleasant experience, it’s a dental lounge with all facilities. Special thanks to Dr. Sagar who himself supervised every step and carried out his speciality work too. Highly recommended guys."

Mrs. Nesbitt, professional dancer, NJ, USA.

"Silverline The Dental Hub has got my smile back. I was initially very reluctant to travel to india for dental work. But the initial conversation with the dental office of silverline helped me get some confidence, from there on , it was a class apart. From travel to accommodation to local tastings, everything was aesthetic. I felt very relaxed thereafter and I have made quite a few dentist friends who are very jolly and caring. Great experience and my children also got whitening done in the meanwhile. So my family is now part of the dental hub family. Thanks for enhancing my smile and keeping our faith restored. Would recommend you guys to all my known people. Thanks a ton, cheers"

Mr. Veitova, Director. BSI, UK.

"Silverline is a dental lounge in Mumbai , not just a dental center. It’s a place where you are pampered, taken care with affection, super friendly and I loved the experience. Good English speaking driver who was very courteous and polite made it an extension of hospitality. I sincerely hope you guys have a pan india presence and be the best dental centre for foreign passport holders like us. Thanks for your care , truly privileged. "

Mr Mastarosa. ,Senior Advisor, Frost & Sullivan,Singapore.

"To begin with, I was circumspect to visit India after the news breaking in from New Delhi about safety issues. But then my daughter’s dental issues were long compounding and didn’t want to further worsen it. So I coordinated with the dental hub silverline for my daughter’s travel and accommodation and was given the assurance that the travel will be hassle free with top-notch dental work. my 19 year old daughter was well received and taken care of , she had a fantastic experience and clicked lots of selfies with the staff which gave me the confidence during the initial days. Personalized care, warmth and affection was really commendable. She got a smile make over done , more importantly enjoyed her stay in and around Mumbai . thanks guys , we as a family are extremely grateful."

Mrs. Sabbhaghi, Analyst, Schlumberger, Duchess St, London, UK.

"Silverline stands for cleanliness, discipline and most important of all, hospitality. Scheduling was impeccable and so was the travel itinerary , at no point of time I was made to realize that the treatment might not get over or will be compromised at any stage. The problem identification was accurate and the questions asked made me understand the professionalism and experience. The concept of having an in house dental lab reduced the waiting time between appointments and customized the colour and effects based on what I wanted. Technicians, doctors all are quite proficient and a great team. Highly recommended to all contemplating dental treatment in india."

Mr Rommanelli, Professor, Northwestern Kellogg school of management, Evanston, Illinois.

"Indian doctors can be friendly,caring, attentive and concerned. Silverline dental helped me identify that, be it a simple request of appointment preference to customized activities and locations for my hobbies, they have given me a great experience. The restaurants , cuisines suggested made me love the Indian food without falling ill and enjoying my stay here in Mumbai."

Sarah, Business development manager, Glanbia Nutritionals, Middlesbrough, UK.

"Silverline has pleased me in totality – from the time I was greeted to the time I was treated. I genuinely feel it’s a great place to get your treatment done- same feeling shared by the local expats residing here whom I interacted with. Kudos to you guys."

Cavill L, Sr. Manager,Ecolab Inc, St Paul, USA.

"Hats off to you guys at Silverline, dental hub is indeed one of the finest & the most sophisticated dental centres around the world. It is amazing to see so much of attention to every details and requirements of every patient, the colour variation, stains, lines – everything is duplicated in caps , so natural looking and even my mother couldn’t identify the extensive work done on my front teeth. A must visit place for all dental needs."

Gabriela, ASIC engineer, Juniper networks, Sunnywale, CA, USA.

"I was pleasantly surprised to meet my fellow UK citizens getting the dental treatment done at the dental hub silverline. Though they had the luxury to avail of the exceptional services residing in Mumbai, travelling for me also was a smooth transition courtesy the excellent services and hospitality extended by a good team of associates working for silverline. And the dental treatment just added onto the special care of the Mumbai visit. I am sending my mom next summer for her implant work for fixed teeth, truly value for money."

Juliane, Teacher, Holland park Pre School, UK.

"Silverline dent care, I would wish you all the success for your simple understanding of my complicated dental issues. I had consulted 2 other doctors here and both were giving different opinions that was not convincing. I was asked to consult you and the simplicity with which the details were explained really made me decide to fly all the way to india for my dental issues. I was paranoid about the smallest issues and you guys were really patient in sorting out my mental blocks and limitations. Wish my teachers here also take a leaf from your levels of patience and care. Mumbai was a beautiful experience and you guys played a big role with assistance in all forms. Great jobs guys, continue to be successful as always."

Elena, Computer science student, USC, CA, USA.

"Arrival in Mumbai was for a health care workshop, but the severe pain late night post banquet was unbearable. Searching online for the best dentist in Mumbai made me land the dental hub, and trust me, it was worth an experience. The manner in which the treatment was executed made me believe that sections of Indian healthcare experts do follow the international standards and protocols in terms of sterilization, waste disposal. The advice is totally impartial and more importantly, the entire set of treatment options presented enable you to choose rather than being forced upon with a single treatment plan. Highly recommended place for all expats staying in Mumbai and those wishing to travel for dental needs."

Pinhas, Professor, BSc SW Pharmacology, Kingston University, UK.

"A doctor best understands how a fellow doctor conducts himself. And numerous instances has made me vouch that there are genuinely experienced and talented dentists at the dental hub. They are really good at handling kids, something which can be very very challenging. Their professionalism, treatment methods and friendly attitude is infectious even with the non dental staff, who are very polite and receptive. Special word of appreciation for Dr. Sagar J. Abichandani whose constant inputs and advice made all of us really understand the importance of parenting in terms of long term oral care. The team rocks, 10 on 10."

Camella, Associate doctor, Lincoln medical and mental health center, Bronx, NY, USA.

"Those who dislike dental visits will be made to change their opinion after visiting the dental hub. Smiling is so special and the one who makes us smile is equally special. With all flat teeth and sensitivity, it was a real barrier to effective working pattern. Prices for full mouth treatment back home were exorbitant , and on recommendation, I contacted silverline dental clinic. The fluency in English was the first green tick in the list of apprehensions I had before contacting them. They suggested me flight schedules, hotel bookings, local tours and travel, activites around Mumbai and everything was frozen even before I boarded the flight. Mumbai was an experience of a kind and great looking teeth with elimination of sensitivity made me click lots of pics with trying out the local spices and delicacies. Now I only carry out regular check ups as all the major rehabilitation is done. Thank you dental hub, you guys are wonderful."

Juliane, Teacher, Holland park Pre School, UK.

"Silverline has a special bonding because they made my wife say that off late,she loves me more, now that my teeth are shaped perfectly and everytime I smile, it makes her smile too. I feel my personality and self confidence has reached sky high because I can smile more confidently with a feel-good factor. 3 weeks of stay in Mumbai has transformed me into a different person in terms of looks and attitude. Thanks for everything."

Mr. Kalyoncu, BIM analyst, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA, USA.

"The highlight of my experience with the dental hub is the clarity in terms of understanding they provide as to what requires immediate attention, delayed but definite attention, pros and cons of various treatment modalities and what best would be the treatment option considering all factors. High levels of transparency and no hidden costs. My temporaries were replaced 9 times without any additional penny. Great perseverance and comfort provided by you people. hosting a party for my kids with their favorite cuisine, lots of hampers to make them happy has made a special place for them in my heart. Sometimes we get so busy in our lives that we forget to do those special things for our families, and when someone does that , it does create a special bonding. Decision of getting treated at the dental hub was indeed a right one. Truly recommended."

Mr. Webber, Consultant, North Highland, Covent garden,London, UK.

"If you are looking for a fun filled, hygienic, friendly and technologically savvy atmosphere, your search ends at silverline dent care. Truly a state of the art dental clinic that adopts a PATIENT FIRST ideology. Dr Sagar J. Abichandani is a highly acclaimed dental specialist who has excelled in dentistry. In house dental lab cuts the total treatment time by sizeable amounts, children play area and cafeteria serve as a breather to the nonstop dental commitment by the team. The bonding amongst all members from the sweeper to the chief dentist is commendable, so the syngery transforms into profitable association. Great vision and great execution."

Ms. Rose F,Assistant Vice President, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, King Edward St, London, UK.

"Being an engineer, I am always on the lookout for latest equipements that make the work easier for both the patient and doctors. And I found almost all of it at the dental hub. Silverline is pleasing to the eye in terms of interiors and décor, pleasing for the mouth in terms of expertise and professional care. Anxiety can be easily overlooked , but cant be missed by the courteous staff. They made sure I was at ease before starting with the dental work. the team is a bunch of naturally gifted doctors all working in synergy."

Sendra, Software engineer, DiCentral, Houston, TX, USA.